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Instructions for Authors

Electronic publication of original high-quality medical articles on the Internet is a relative new way to distribute knowledge and research results. We would like to encourage everybody to join this innovative method of reaching thousands of readers around the world. Our goal is to publish high-quality .

Manuscripts by diskettes or e-mail

Submission by e-mail: Files should be in Microsoft Word. Please follow the instructions below for format of manuscript
A cover letter should be sent with every manuscript to identify the person (with address and telephone number) responsible for correspondence concerning the article. This letter should make it clear that the final manuscript has been seen and approved by all authors.

Types of papers accepted

1. Review articles
2. Original papers
3. Case reports
4. Letters to the Editor
5. Multimedia material such as streaming videos or slide shows

General preparation of paper manuscripts

The author(s) transfer(s) the copyright to her/their article to our journal. It is then the responsibility of the author to obtain authorization to re-publish the submitted material in our online journal. We will grant every author the right to re-publish all material that appeared in our online journals under the provision that the original source (name and URL of our online journal and URL of the original article in our journal) is mentioned.
All paper manuscripts must be written in standard grammatical English.

The manuscript should be arranged in the following order:

  • name of the journal you are submitting the paper to,

  • title of the paper

  • the first name(s) and last name of each author and his or her highest academic degree(s) and institutional affiliation

  • name of the department and institution or hospital where the work was done

  • the source of any support received

  • the document abstract (no more than 150 words) REQUIRED

  • up to 6 key words

  • text

  • acknowledgments

  • references

Please include graphics and tables 'inline' in electronic documents. Images can be send attached to an e-mail as JPEGs or GIFs

For any additional questions please contact us.

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